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Incorporation of copper into lysyl oxidase. - NCBI - NIH

Lysyl oxidase is a copper-dependent enzyme involved in extracellular processing of collagens and elastin. Although it is known that copper is essential for the

Copper, lysyl oxidase, and extracellular matrix protein cross-linking

Copper is essential for organic cofactor formation in amine oxidases such as lysyl oxidase. Copper-containing amine oxidases have peptidyl 2,4,5 tri oxo

Lysyl Oxidase - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Lysyl oxidase LOX is another example of a copper-dependent AO; it functions to crosslink and stabilize collagen and elastin fibers, thus being involved in

Lysyl oxidase - Wikipedia

Biological function edit . Lysyl oxidase is an extracellular copper-dependent enzyme that alyzes formation of aldehydes from lysine residues in collagen and

Structural and alytic properties of copper in lysyl oxidase.

As isolated, various preparations of purified lysyl oxidase are associated with 5-9 loosely bound copper atoms per molecule of enzyme which are removed by

Investigation into Structural Changes of the Copper Binding Site in

Lysyl oxidase LOX is a copper containing amine oxidase EC .4.3. 3 that alyzes the oxidation of lysine resulting in the formation of peptidyl α-aminoadipic-δ-

ATP7A delivers copper to the lysyl oxidase family of enzymes and

2 Apr 20 9 LOX is a secreted copper-dependent amine oxidase that plays critical roles in the development of connective tissue and remodeling of the

Molecular Insights Into Lysyl Oxidases in Cartilage - Frontiers

30 Apr 2020 LOX mainly comprises of five members that were originally considered copper-dependent amine oxidases, including lysyl oxidase and lysyl

Elevated intracellular copper contributes a unique role to kidney

3 Mar 2020 Lysyl oxidase LOX , a copper-dependent enzyme, is the most important enzyme for ECM crosslinking. LOX becomes active when combined with

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