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Iron Ore Iron ore is a heterogeneous substance. . Contact Seller. What are the following? Homogeneous or heterogeneous? Yahoo Answers. Iron ore quartz

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You Get Price. Is iron an element, compound, solution or heterogeneous mixture? eNotes.

Is iron ore homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Iron ore is heterogeneous. A heterogeneous substance is one that contains two or more different substances that are NOT chemically combined together,.

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Homogeneous mixture has a uniform composition and a heterogeneous mixture is not uniform. Compare homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures.

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the following as a homogeneousor heterogeneoussubstance.heterogeneousa.iron

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A homogeneous mixture is combination of two or more substances that are so intimately mixed that the mixture

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23 Aug 20 2 What is a heterogeneous mixture? Definition. A mixture that has an uneven composition and distribution of substances and properties.

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9 Sep 20 9 Iron ore is a heterogenous substance in which the composition of its part are not uniform. b. quartz. Quartz is a homogenous substance because it

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Iron ores most in the form of taconite, because deposits rich in magnetite and hematite Iron compound in the ore, Fe2O3 70% Fe , Fe3O4 72% Fe , FeCO3 reagent for the heterogenous Fenton alysis of organic pollutants 62,

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