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What Causes Hammer toe?

So you've got a deformity in your toe where it bends or points downward and causes pain and discomfort? You may very well be suffering from hammer toe.

Hammer HowStuffWorks

Hammers come in a different varieties and head sizes. Learn about the most common -- claw hammers -- among others on this page. Advertisement Most home toolboxes should have a hammer or two for pounding fasteners into wood. Advertisement Ad


The 4 basics and when you want them. 8 varieties of our most ancient tool. A sledgehammer is a sturdy and powerful tool. Hammer Safety Tips: Do not strike a hardened steel surface, concrete or stone with a steel claw A hammer drill is a typ

Types of Hammers

At some point in any project, you will be attaching, dismantling or assembling what you have been measuring and sawing. That where the hammer comes in. Depending on what your doing, there's an appropriate hammer for the job. Carpenter's Ham

Toolipedia: Hammer Family Handyman

Toolipedia: Everything you ever wanted to know about hammers. Home A hammer is a tool most often used to drive in nails, spikes and stakes. It’s also used for demolition tasks like pulling nails and breaking up concrete. The heads on nailin

Pneumatic Hammers

Pneumatic hammers are usually used to carve out rock to engrave stones. They're powered by air. Pneumatic hammers are usually used to carve out rock to engrave stones. They are powered by air and chip away at rock with much more speed, but

The Best Hammer Drills Review in 2020 Car Bibles

Only the best hammer drill should grace the inside of your toolbox and we are here to help you make the decision when choosing one. Check out our review Brushless SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Bosch Combination Hammer Drill SKIL Hammer Dr

The History of If I Had a Hammer

Learn more about the history of the protest song "If I Had a Hammer," written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays. "If I Had a Hammer" was written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays in 949 and was first recorded by their band the Weavers. The Weavers wer

What Are the Uses of the Claw Hammer? Hunker

There are several types of hammers used for different construction processes; however, the claw hammer is the most common type used. The hammer contains a steel head and a handle made from various different types of materials. It is used pr

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